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Who is The Budget Boy?

The Budget Boy Michael ColemanHi. My name is Michael Coleman and I am The Budget Boy. I am driven by an internal desire to gain as much freedom and control over my life as possible. It is for that very reason that outside of school and work I have always been drawn to individual pursuits — stock trading, real estate investing, self-development, screenwriting, and competitive tennis.

To me, money equals freedom. It opens the world up to you and puts you in the driver’s seat. It enables you to live the life you want to live… rather than a life you’ve settled for. I have made significant progress on the path to financial freedom — but I am still on the path. And still have a long journey ahead. So far my journey has given me a breadth of knowledge to share in the areas of personal finance, investing, credit card rewards, and real estate. My goal is to teach and inspire others to take control of their financial destiny so that they can live the life they want to live.

October 25, 2016